Dieticians / Nutritionists / Nutrition Consultants

Dieticians, Nutritionists, and Nutrition Consultants

Dieticians, Nutritionists, and Nutrition Consultants:

  • plan and develop school board food policy and the food and nutrition education programs;
  •  advise the boards on food and nutrition matters in the schools
  • draft documentation and develop standards for the quality of food services to be offered in the establishments.

For example, it is partly thanks to their work that students:

  • have access to healthy meals as per Canada’s Food Guide;
  • have access to food services meeting the highest hygiene standards;
  • are informed as to what constitutes a healthy diet.



Just Some of the Things Dieticians, Nutritionists, and Nutrition Consultants Do

The CSDM nutrition and food services page was designed by dieticians and nutritionists. The page provides a host of tips on feeding students, keeping food and addressing certain food-related problems. Check it out!

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Dieticians and nutritionists at the CSDM have created several videos on packing a healthy lunch. For example, this one shows how to properly keep foods hot.

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The Cafeteria Services and Nutrition Education division encompasses 18 school cafeterias that serve 400,000 meals annually to elementary school and secondary school students. A multicultural menu offering a variety of nutritious meals at subsidized prices is prepared by their dieticians.

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